East Devon, North Somerset and Somerset

Windows and doors have been designed and constructed to be of a standard that is virtually free of maintenance. However, like all moving parts, sometimes they require a little TLC.

We offer a ‘Window and Door Service & Adjustment Package’ which checks the general health of your windows and doors. 

An inspection will be carried out which will cover any minor work/adjustments, such as tightening and lubrication as necessary. Advice on any remedial work will then be given, preventing and identifying issues that could lead to premature replacement or costly future repairs. 

The Inspection & Benefits

  • Ensure that all hardware (handles, hinges, espags, rods etc) operate smoothly
  • Tighten all exposed hardware screws to ensure proper operation
  • Make sure that all hinges and tracks are free from debris
  • Make minor adjustments 
  • Lubricate all moving parts with correct lubrications
  • Free security check 

Our Accreditations

locksmith association