East Devon, North Somerset and Somerset

Your windows and doors have been designed and constructed to a standard virtually free of maintenance. However they will still require some TLC, like anything with moving parts does. To help with this The Property Paramedic now offers an annualmaintenance service. I will inspect all of the windows and doors in your home and carry out any minor works/adjustments like tightening and lubrication as necessary. I will also advise on any remedial work that may be required. Starting at just £59 it represents money well spent by preventing and identifying issues that could lead to premature window replacement or costly repairs in the future.

The Inspection & Benefits

  • Ensure that all hardware (Handles, Hinges, Espags, Rods etc) operate smoothly
  • Tighten all exposed hardware screws to ensure proper operation
  • Make sure that all Door and Window hinges and or tracks are free from debris
  • Make minor adjustments to windows and doors
  • Lubricate all moving parts with correct lubrications
  • Free Security Check.

Our Accreditations

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