East Devon, North Somerset and Somerset

UPVC windows are by far the most common type of window in the UK, appearing in various style including casement, sash or tilt and turn. 

Windows generally have a life span of 15-30 years; however they will often require some remedial work along the way. 95% of all window issues can be resolved and luckily, we are trained and capable in all aspects! 

  • Replace double glazed units
  • Renew/repair faulty locking mechanisms
  • Replace broken or faulty hinges
  • Replace broken or faulty handles
  • Minor surface repairs to damaged UPVC frames in standard colours
  • Hinge upgrades
  • Renew faulty gaskets, eliminating drafts and leaks 
  • Externally reseal window perimeter to eliminate draft and water ingress
  • Trickle vent installation to aid ventilation
  • Repair/replace broken or faulty tilt and turn mechanisms

Our Accreditations

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