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We cover all types of residential glazing issues and some commercial glazing. 

There are numerous reasons to replace your double-glazed units. 

You may – 

  • Have misted windows with trapped condensation
  • Cracked or broken units
  • Want to upgrade to more energy efficient units
  • Change/move away from leadwork on the glass
  • Change/move away from Georgian bars within the unit

With any of the above reasons, there is no need to replace your entire window. You can keep the frames and we can change the glass, giving the appearance of new windows at a fraction of the cost. 

Did you know the most common reason for glass replacement is misted units due to condensation?

Condensation can happen for a few reasons – 

  • Age – the unit seals have simply failed over time
  • Poor Manufacture – lack of care during manufacture can cause the seal not to form properly leading to failure much sooner
  • Improper Installation – bad installation leaving the unit touching screwheads or sitting in water due to blocked drainage channels will cause the unit to fail

We promise to install your units to get their full potential and alleviate any future problems. All replacement units come with a 10-year guarantee, that is how confident we are!

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