East Devon, North Somerset and Somerset

There are numerous reasons why you may want or need to replace the Double glazed units in your windows.

You may –

  • Have misty windows with trapped condensation
  • Cracked or broken units
  • Want to upgrade your energy efficiency with the latest energy efficient units
  • Change to or move away from Leadwork on the glass
  • Change to or move away from Georgian bars within the unit

No matter what your reasoning there is no reason to replace your entire window, you can keep your frames and we can change the glass within, giving the appearance of new windows at a fraction of the cost!

One of the main reasons for glass replacement is Misty/Foggy glass due to condensation. This happens due to a few reasons

1  Age – The unit is simply past its best and the seals have failed overtime

2  Poor Manufacture – If care isn’t taken at the point of manufacture and the seal isn’t properly formed then over time it will fail much sooner.

3  Improper install – The unit may have been badly installed leaving it touching screwheads or sitting in water due to blocked drainage channels. Causing it to fail

When changing your unit I will ensure it is installed 100% to alleviate any future problems and all replaced units come with a 5 year guarantee against defect.

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