East Devon, North Somerset and Somerset

The available services for Aluminium windows is very similar, however due to the manufacture methods the repairs can be a lot more time consuming than their UPVC counterparts, quite often involving the drilling out of rivets etc as opposed to just undoing screws.

  • Renew Blown/Misted Double glazed units
  • Renew/Repair Faulty locking mechanisms
  • Replace broken or faulty hinges
  • Replace broken or faulty handles
  • Hinge Upgrades to bedrooms to egress friction stays
  • Renew faulty gaskets, eliminating draughts and leaks
  • Reseal the perimeter of the window externally to eliminate draught and water ingress
  • Retro-Fit Trickle vents to aid ventilation
  • Repair or replace broken or faulty Tilt & Turn mechanisms
  • Window Care Service

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