The Property Paramedic’s expertise lies in repairing all types of Window, Door and Lock components, be it UPVC, Aluminium or Timber units, also not forgetting most types of Garage Door Repairs too!

Windows and Doors are prone to wear and tear, think how many times you open and close your doors and windows without even thinking about it!! Like anything with moving parts things wear or seize and cause problems without proper maintenance.

Windows generally have a lifespan of 15-30 years, however they will more than likely require some remedial work along the way. 95% of all window and door problems can be resolved, even if your particular window or doors locking mechanism has been discontinued there is usually a newer version that can be retrofitted.

So don’t replace when you can repair!! Not only is it kinder to the Environment but it is far kinder on your wallet too!

I understand that Security is paramount to all my clients, so with this in mind The Property Paramedic offers a 24hr Emergency call out service to make sure your property is secure when you need it most.


UPVC Window Repairs

Specialists in UPVC Window Repairs.

Aluminium Window Repairs

We can repair and fix any type of aluminium windows.

Timber Window Repairs

Timber Window Repairs including Sash Windows

Garage Door Repairs

Garage Door and Lock Repairs.

Door Repairs

We repair all doors and locking mechanisms

Glass Replacement

Misted windows and fogging? – same day replacements


Full locksmith service for homeowners in the South West

Service Care

Window and Door care

Our Accreditations

locksmith association